Thursday, 8 November 2012

Virgin Media Customer Services contact number

Most popular contacts telephone numbers for Virgin Media Customer Services company UK.

 If you have got any questions, customer care representatives are available from 4 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week

0844 940 10 94

No, there is probably no British who hasn't heard about the Virgin Media Incorporation, the company that provides television, mobile and fixed telephone and the Internet service to domestic customers and businesses. The executive service of the Virgin Media Incorporation is in the USA, New York. Its headquarters are in Hook, the United Kingdom. This company was created in 2006 by connecting Virgin Mobile with Telewest and NTL and was the first one that combined the services of fixed telephones, mobile phones, television and the Internet altogether. Already in sixth months after the company was found, it was the sixth among the most popular media groups. Owning and operating the only national cable network in UK, fibre-optic cable network, they succeeded very quickly and already in 2010 Virgin Media had about 4.8 million customers! This is the brand that lives the full life and represents endless entertainments, innovations and technological development which allow consumers to enjoy media life to the fullest, achieve their goals and satisfy their needs. Bright style of the company, simple informational design and spectacular attributes became the main features of the new company in various advertisements and productions.

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